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Two months…Leap Year

I’ve written the last 1968 post today, February 28th… it’s been two months since he left us.

Tommorrow it will be Leap Year Day.  Eight years ago on Leap Year Day, I sent Lem a proposal, hand written for me in a fancy script by a calligrapher.  It said:

After forty years of loving you unwaveringly…

Tradition holds that every fourth year, leap year, on February 29th, a woman may propose marriage to the man she loves.  And so, as the fulfillment of my love for you, I am taking this opportunity to ask for your hand in marriage.
Nothing need change between us.  My motives are purely romantic and I only want to express my hearts’ long desire to be yours.  I don’t want to live with you or go on tour with you.  I just want to be married to you.
Being the gentleman that you are, I am confident that you will respect the sincerity of this proposal and respond kindly and lovingly.